We generate income from a number of sources

Our voluntary income is raised via the donations we receive from the ҹɫֱapp Navy’s Payroll Giving scheme, the ҹɫֱapp Marines’ Corps Subscriptions, fundraisers, high-net-worth individuals and other activities and events.

The remainder of our income is generated from our investment portfolio and from grants received, such as those of our partner .

We spend wisely

We are committed to making sure that the money you raise and donate makes a real difference to the Naval Community.

Through our grants to other charities and organisations including those of our Group charities, we provide financial support, help and advice and, in cases of hardship and distress, life-changing essentials to people in need.

For more information on our finances, or on the information provided on this website, please read our fully audited Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2022.


or contact us for more information or support.