The ҹɫֱapp Navy and ҹɫֱapp Marines Charity is partnered with the “HMS Oardacious - Submarine Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund” to support projects for Submariners and their families within the deployment cycle.

HMS Oardacious


Groups and organisations can apply for grants to support serving submariners and family members within the deployment cycle.

These grants are intended to help fund activities or events that will support the mental health, resilience and well-being of Submariners and their families whilst the Submariner is assigned to a Submarine.

Examples of what the grant funding could support:

  • Events or resources that support serving personnel in the period before and after deployment.
  • Resources to be shared with onboard a boat while at sea, to support the mental health and well-being of the crew whilst deployed.
  • Resources to support families prepare for their parent or caregiver being away on a submarine patrol.
  • Events to bring families together to support each other during the deployment cycle.

How to apply

If you believe that you have an idea which aligns with the fund's values, contact ҹɫֱapp via and request a "HMS Oardacious - Submariner Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund” form. 

It is important that the application comes with the full backing of the organisation or association. The details of this person must be submitted with the application., Please note they may be contacted as part of the grant. 

Application Guidance

All applications will be assessed against the following eligibility criteria:   &Բ;

  • That there is a clear rationale for the project. &Բ;
  • That costs represent value for money. &Բ;
  • Whether the activity could be better funded elsewhere (potentially within ҹɫֱapp) or should form part of normal working business for the ҹɫֱapp Navy.
  • What monitoring (feedback) will be conducted and then provided to the fund committee. &Բ;

Applications will be assessed by HMS Oardacious Fund Management Committee who meet quarterly. If there is a time restriction upon the grant request, please ensure that is captured within the application.

All applicants will be notified by letter from the Head of Grants of the outcome of the meeting.  This will contain any conditions of the grant which will need to be accepted formally.   


Payment details will be set out in the letter advising of the panel’s decision.

Impact Feedback &Բ;

The ҹɫֱapp and HMS Oardacious are committed to measuring the impact (the difference made) by their funding. A monitoring feedback form will be sent to successful applicants for completion in accordance with the timeline agreed by the committee.  &Բ;

Publicity & Acknowledgement of Grants &Բ;

As a fundraising and grant-making charity the ҹɫֱapp and HMS Oardacious take great interest in the difference grants make to your organisation and as such feedback following grant provision is much appreciated.  Photographs, in particular, are of interest, especially those that may be used subsequently to publicise the work of the ҹɫֱapp or HMS Oardacious and the organisations that we support and help generate fundraising for future grant-making.  &Բ;

Normally we are not able to fund:  

  • Where a project only benefits one person. 
  • Organisational fundraising activities &Բ;
  • Retrospective funding for projects that have already taken place. &Բ;
  • Trading ventures &Բ;