How you can write your Will with us

We understand that writing a Will can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. We have made it easier for you to write or update your Will by working with partners to offer free Will writing services. The services use legal experts, and you don’t have to include a gift to the ҹɫֱapp to take part, although we hope that you will consider doing so after providing for those closest to you.

With a local solicitor

Write or update your Will for free with our partner, the National Free Wills Network.

As a member of the National Free Wills Network, we are pleased to offer supporters of the ҹɫֱapp the opportunity to have a simple Will prepared for free by a local solicitor, with the ҹɫֱapp paying a discounted rate for each Will written. If you already have a Will, you may like to take this opportunity to have it updated.

To take part, register your interest by filling out this form or email with your full name and address. We will then ask the National Free Wills Network to send you an information pack with everything you need, including a list of participating solicitors near you and a form so you can give them the basic information they will need to get the ball rolling. You are not obliged in any way to leave a gift in your Will to the ҹɫֱapp, but we hope that you will consider doing so after you have provided for those closest to you.

Please note that this offer applies to the writing of simple Wills. The majority of Wills are defined as simple, but if your chosen solicitor advises that your Will is more complicated, you will have the option to pay the solicitor for the extra work. Should this be the case, it is of course your decision whether to proceed with this service.


We’ve partnered with leading online will writers, Octopus Legacy, to offer you the chance to write your will for free. Writing your will online makes life easy. Done in 15 minutes from the comfort of your own home, each will is checked by a team of legal experts and is legally binding when signed with a witness.

Please note, the online service is only available to supporters in England and Wales, due to a number of differences between probate law north and south of the border. However, if you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland, you can use their telephone or face to face service to write your Will. You can do this by calling the Octopus Legacy team on 0800 773 4014.

Alternatively, see a solicitor 

If you have an existing relationship with a solicitor, then you can contact them to ask for your will to be updated to include a gift to us. Alternatively, you can find a solicitor through  who can provide details of solicitors in your area, including those who specialise in Wills.  

If you have complex legal needs or a large or complicated estate e.g. trust income, property overseas, or dependent relatives you should speak to a specialist solicitor. If you are on strong medication or have concerns around your mental capacity you should discuss with a solicitor face-to-face. If your estate will be subject to inheritance tax (see ), you should also speak to a solicitor. 

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